Want a Library of Things in your London neighbourhood?

Are you based in London? Want to help start a Library of Things site with your community? 

Library of Things arrives in a new neighbourhood by invitation only, when local people say ‘we want this!’ We don’t stick a purple flag in the ground and ‘pop up’ in new places. That means the leadership and energy needs to come from you.

We're looking for brilliant people & host spaces who want to start and host a Library of Things site, supported by us. 

To express your interest and find out more, fill in the Register Your Interest form below – and join one of our tours. 

But first, some information on how it all works.

How it works: Getting started

We've designed this process to make sure we find enthusiastic, collaborative people to work with, and to make sure everyone knows what to expect:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 16.09.55.png

What you need in place: Core ingredients

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 13.42.54.png

1. An Initiator team: A group of well-networked local people

  • Representative of the neighbourhood and with large local networks

  • With time and energy to spare

  • With some track record of delivering a successful project

  • With a positive, can-do attitude & a commitment to working collaboratively

2. A Host Site: A community space to host the borrowing kiosk
This might be a library, sports facility, church, shared space in a housing development...

  • With existing footfall

  • With a collaborative decision-maker keen to make Library of Things happen

  • With approx. 8–12sqm space available along a wall, guaranteed for at least 2 years

  • Open and staffed at least 40 hours per week

  • Able to demonstrate financial stability

  • Welcoming to everyone in the neighbourhood and a positive reputation

3. A Local Community: A mixed local community who want to use a Library of Things

  • With a demonstrable appetite for borrowing useful Things

  • With a culture of local volunteering and making ideas happen – or an openness to starting one

How it works: Up and running

Here’s an overview of who does what once Library of Things has launched in a new neighbourhood, and what they receive in exchange:


Get started today!

  1. Join a tour at Library of Things latest site in Crystal Palace to learn how it works (book here – and let us know if you need a sponsored place)

  2. Put yourself on the map using the form below – so you’re friends & neighbours know you’re keen

  3. Find local supporters – residents, businesses, networks, the local council – anyone that might benefit from having a Library of Things in the neighbourhood.

Who wants one?

Click the icons on the map to see the names of the people who've signed up to show their interest in starting, hosting, sponsoring or borrowing from a Library of Things near them. Add yourself to the map via the form below!   


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