What is a Library of Things?

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A Library of Things is a treasure box of useful and joyful Things in your local library, housing block, cafe or workspace. There, you can: 

–> Borrow Things like drills, steam cleaners, strimmers, gazebos & GoPros by the day or week
–> Join practical events like DIY classes & Mending Meet-ups
–> Volunteer & get to know your neighbours: organise events, fix Things & spread the word

How it works

A small group of local people invite Library of Things to town, and find a community space to host it. They invite their friends and neighbours pledge money to a crowdfunding campaign to get it started.

Then, hundreds of local people join as borrowers, event participants and volunteers. You're invited to join too!

1. Join

All you need is an email and a bank card!

a. Create your account here. It takes 30 seconds. 
b. Confirm your email.
c. Choose your membership plan here. Even if you want to pay-as-you-go.

        4. Borrow!

Take the Thing to your home, project or adventure. Enjoy the handy how-to guides & videos. Bring the Thing back with all its parts, clean, on time, and ready for the next borrower.

2. Reserve

Choose the Thing you want to use, and select the best date & time for you. Pay with a debit or credit card to confirm the reservation.


          3. Unlock

Visit your local Library of Things at your reservation time. Enter your details at the borrowing kiosk – your Thing will unlock automatically. A friendly volunteer host will be available to help.


5. Participate!

Join one of our events and get making, sewing, planting, repairing and upcycling. Or join as a volunteer Host, Thing Fixer, Skill Sharer or Ambassador and find friends nearby.


Our trial rates & membership plans

We want to make borrowing more affordable, convenient and socially rewarding than buying. So we made a range of trial rates and flexible membership plans. Share feedback here!

Start borrowing on a Pay-As-You-Go plan for just £1. Or get discounts on every single borrow by choosing Simple membership, and paying just £15 for a 3-month plan. Low income or unwaged? Choose our Concession plan.

More about Library of Things


It’s full of things that are available to borrow at incredibly low prices
— BBC London News