A small group of local people invite Library of Things to town, and find a community space to host it. They invite their friends and neighbours pledge money to a crowdfunding campaign to get it started.

Then, hundreds of local people join as borrowers, event participants and volunteers. You're invited to join too!

1. Join

Pay a one-off £1 to join.

You just need a valid debit or credit card and an email address.

2. Reserve Thing

Choose the Thing you want to borrow. Select the best date & time for you.

Pay for each day you need the Thing.

4. Participate

Join one of our events and get making, sewing, planting, repairing & upcycling.

Or join as a volunteer Host, Thing Fixer, Skill Sharer or Ambassador and find friends nearby.

3. Collect Thing

Collect the Thing from your nearest borrowing kiosk during opening hours.

We trialled delivery recently and will have more news soon!


Have a question for us?

We have most answers in our FAQs, have a read here.  If you don't find what you're looking for, pop us a message via the 'contact us' link in FAQs.