How do I use Library of Things?

Library of Things is a space where you can come to borrow useful Things and learn how to use them. Using it is simple. 

1. Become a member for free. Register as a member here and then email with your photo ID and read our Borrowing Promise (below). 

2. Browse the Library. All our Things are listed in the online catalogue so you can see what's available. 

3. Borrow Things. Reserve a Thing online then collect it from us during opening hours (below). Or simply come by to visit and choose the Thing. You can borrow up to 5 things for up to 1 week. You pay a small amount: between £0.50 and £15 depending on the Thing.

4. Bring Things back. Nearly all Things are available to borrow for up to 7 days. Except the carpet cleaners. They're popular.

5. Attend a workshop. We run workshops in making, baking and DIY so you can learn new things and take home something lovely.

What is the Borrowing Promise?

Library of Things is a non-profit community project. It works best when everyone contributes what they can. We’ve made a Borrowing Promise with our members to make sure Library of Things can continue to thrive in future.

Library of Things promises to

  1. Keep borrowing as affordable as possible

  2. Make members feel welcome

  3. Share tips on how to use the Things

  4. Make sure the Things are safe and good quality

  5. Listen to member requests and suggestions

As a member, I promise to

  1. Love and care for the Things I borrow

  2. Bring back the Things I borrow clean, ready for the next borrower

  3. Bring back the Things I borrow on time

  4. Be honest about damages and help replace any broken parts

  5. Share my skills – teach another member how to sew, do DIY, garden, speak another language, take a photo, fly a kite...

When can I borrow Things?

We'll let you know soon!


Where can I find you?

We closed our West Norwood site on December 9th 2017 and will re-launch in Upper Norwood Library Hub Spring 2018!