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You told us, we listened: closed day pricing

Alys, January 20, 2022

It will now cost you less to borrow for longer over the days when our kiosks are closed. Here’s how it works.

“It doesn’t make sense to pay full price for the days that you’re closed as I’m unable to return it on those days.”

We want to make borrowing as convenient and affordable as possible, but we heard from you that paying to borrow over days your local Library of Things was closed was adding to the costs and putting you off borrowing.

These closed days also tend to be over weekends, which is a super popular time for borrowing, especially for people who work during the week.

We can’t change the opening hours of our locations as these are determined by the buildings where our kiosks are located, but we could make a change to how much it costs to borrow over the days when your local Library of Things is closed.

You’ll now only pay 50% of the daily borrowing fee for any number of closed days, instead of the full price for all days.

Here’s an example:

In Hackney Wick, Morden and Kentish Town, who are all closed on Sundays, the Drill used to cost £16 to borrow over the weekend (Saturday-Monday). Now it costs £12. This is £8 daily fee + £4 (half the daily borrowing price) for the Sunday.

In Crystal Palace and Finsbury Park, who are both closed Sunday and Monday, the Drill used to cost £24 to borrow over the weekend (Saturday-Tuesday). Now it costs £12. This is £8 daily fee + £4 (half the daily borrowing price) for Sunday and Monday.

How do I take advantage of this deal?

Just make your reservation as normal. The discount will automatically be applied when you choose to collect an item the day before we are closed, and return it the next time we are open.

Screenshot of the Library of things website showing if you borrow from Saturday-Tuesday at Crystal Palace the new price

The screenshot above shows an example of the automatic discount when borrowing the Drill from Crystal Palace

When will this offer not apply?

This deal only applies to locations where we are closed for at least one day per week. As Dalston is open 7 days a week you can return things everyday which keeps prices low already!

The only other time if when you’re borrowing the Thing for four days or more, as our weekly pricing will kick in instead which is an even better deal! (7 days for the price of 4.)

Will my Concession membership still apply?

Yes! You can read more about the Concession membership in our blog here.

Will I ever be able to return something on a closed day?

It’s not possible right now but we’re always open to feedback and ideas! You can reach our Borrower Support Team by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right hand corner.

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