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Thingoween! DIY fancy dress ideas inspired by the Things

Katie, October 28, 2021

Give up the ghost on predictable Halloween costumes, and take inspiration from our Things instead...

An estimated 7 million Halloween costumes are thrown away every year, contributing to 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste. That's the same as 83 million plastic bottles!

Hubbub, https://www.hubbub.org.uk/sew-spooky.

Now that's TERRIFYING. So instead of being one of the 90% of families who buy a new costume every year, how about having a go at making one instead? And where better to get inspiration than from the Things themselves?

The Turning of the Screw(driver)

Inspired by the screwdrivers in the DIY Toolkit

As modelled by our Partnerships Director Bex. Punny climate sign optional but highly encouraged!

How to DIY a Screwdriver costume:

* Cut out the driver shape from a large piece of cardboard and plaster this in tin foil (which is recyclable and reusable!)

* Wear a red hat and jumper as the handle

* Affix your shiny driver to your jumper or, if you’re feeling brave, the top of your hat

Extension Squeal

Inspired by the Extension Reel

So niche, nothing like it exists on the market. Be a trendsetter.

How to DIY an Extension Squeal costume:

* Wrap thick cord or string around your legs, arms and torso (not too tightly!)

* Draw and cut plug socket shapes onto cardboard and affix these to your shirt

Image credit: Oh Yay Studio

Halloween Party Kit

Inspired by the Party Kit

Why borrow the Party Kit when you could be the Party Kit? (although we highly encourage you to borrow it too!)

How to DIY a Halloween Party Kit costume:

* Wear plaid, gingham or check

* Cut circular plates out of cardboard and attach these to your torso

* Tape some plastic cups or empty juice boxes to your shoulders, arms, legs - wherever they’ll stick!

* If you’re willing to sacrifice your best biscuits, glue those to your DIY paper plates

* Smearing strawberry jam over your face and clothes is optional


Inspired by the Jigsaw

Dressing up as the other Saw is so passé. But we don’t recommend attaching power tools to yourself either, so how about this fun play on words?

How to DIY a Jigsaw costume:

* Grab your trusty cardboard (empty cereal boxes would be great for this) and draw puzzle pieces onto it.

* You can create a proper jigsaw design, or just decorate your puzzle pieces colourful and bright!

* Cut out the puzzle pieces, muddle them up and attach them to yourself haphazardly

Image credit: Studio DIY

Ice Scream

Inspired by the Ice Cream Maker

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

How to DIY an Ice Scream Maker costume:

* Wear a long brown plaid/gingham/checked skirt for the cornet

* Blow up two balloons and plaster these with cotton wool balls (pull them apart a bit to make them extra fluffy/woolly)

* Attach the balloons to your shoulders to form the ice cream scoops

* Maybe put an extra red balloon on your head (or wear a red hat) as the cherry on top!

Wet and Dry Vacuum Screamer

Inspired by the Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Under-rated, both the Thing and the costume.

How to DIY a Wet and Dry Vacuum Screamer costume:

* Dress yourself as normal, then imagine a line running from the middle of your forehead, past your navel, dividing your body in half.

* Pour water over one half of your body and style your hair with wet-look gel on this side. Leave the other side as normal

* Feel free to add running makeup on the wet side too!

* This one is probably not good re: catching colds. Or at all really

Image credit: Sarah & Nick

Pasta Meet-Your-Maker

Inspired by the Pasta Maker

Everybody loves Pasta!

How to DIY a Pasta Meet-Your-Maker costume:

* To make the spaghetti, instead of using our Pasta Maker we recommend taking a ball of beige yarn or wool (or an old - clean - mop!) and cutting lots of long strings. 

* Attach these to the sleeves of a red jumper (for the tomato sauce), or fashion into a colander wig as pictured

* Meatballs are optional, but to make these you could use brown foam balls or simply cut circles out of cardboard, paint them brown, and stick them to your torso

Spirit Level

Inspired by the Spirit Level

This costume is on another...level.

How to DIY a Spirit Level costume:

* Assemble yourself a traditional sheet-over-the-head ghost costume

* Use a long cardboard tube (such as an empty wrapping paper or tinfoil roll) as your spirit level: paint it yellow, green and black, and cut out or draw the level in the centre

* Hold your spirit level between your hands or affix it to the ghost costume and scare everyone silly with your horrendously punny costume!

We hope you enjoyed our Thingoween costume suggestions - let us know if you tried any of them out!