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4 sustainable activities in Willesden Green

Bobbie, April 3, 2024

Library of Things was founded by three women, who wanted to put a stop to wasteful consumerism - reducing the amount of poorly produced and unwanted items that are unnecessarily purchased and end up in landfill.

We started as a grassroots community project in West Norwood in 2015 where a group of neighbours came together to run an experiment to see if people would share items. Which is why we’re so passionate about sharing sustainable ways that you can get involved in your community.

1. Take action with your community 💪

There are lots of sustainable community events that you can get involved in, you can find them here.

2. Get help repairing your stuff 🔨

Keep your stuff working longer, with the help of your neighbours at your local repair café. Find out more here.

3. Find out more about recycling ♻

As you can see from the above image, recycling is a last resort - but it’s good to know what to do with your stuff when it’s come to the end of it’s life. Head here to find out about recycling, and tips on how to reduce your waste.

4. Borrow instead of buy 😉

Buying less isn't just great for the planet, it's great for your pocket too. Check out all the Things you can rent from Library of Things at The Library, 98 High road.