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Rebecca shows you how to whip up your own ice cream

Charlotte, May 7, 2021

Rebecca and Elsa the Ice-Cream Maker whipped up a tasty peanut butter cup in Crystal Palace.

So I’ve been wanting to make some ice cream for ages. I’m American and that means I’m used to popping into the store and having literally every single flavour to choose from. But when I moved here, I was like - “oh no they have different flavours!”  I was completely heartbroken that people didn’t like ice cream as much as me. 

So I decided to try and recreate some of my favourite flavours at home. There’s definitely some recipes where you can do without an ice cream maker, but having a machine means you can up your game.

I can’t really justify buying one to fit in my very small kitchen, I don’t have space to store it year round, so luckily Elsa is here to help for the week. This also means I’m not constantly making ice cream that I have to eat. 

If you want to give ice cream making a go, here are my top tips. 

What you’ll need

  • Some flavour inspo and your ingredients on standby
  • Tupperware and a spatula for mixing
  • Yep you guessed it - a freezer
  • Then the star of the show - Elsa the ice cream maker 

How to make your ice cream 

1. The most important bit. What’s your flavour? 

So I made a few batches, but my favourite flavours were xxx and Peanut Butter Cup Swirl. Here’s a couple of recipes I found, but a quick google search will bring you up any flavour that you love. Yum. 

2. Pop your bowl in freezer to get nice and chilly and prep your mixture 

The prep is super easy. Top tip - when you get up or the night before, make some space in your freezer and pop Elsa’s ice cream bowl in for few hours to get nice and chilly.  Next, mix all your ingredients together (I just did this in some tupperware) and you can leave it to one side until you’re ready to get mixing. 

3. Now over to Elsa to do some churning

Pop the frozen bowl back into Elsa and pour in your mixture. This is where you can get creative - add in any bits of chocolate or fruit that you fancy adding in. Then crank it up and leave Elsa to do her thing! 

4. Pour it in your tupperware and back in the freezer to set

While Elsa’s doing all the churning, you can add the finishing touches, like berries or chocolate if you fancy adding a swirl. Then, once you’re done, pour the ice cream from Elsa’s freezer bowl back into your tupperware and pop it back in the freezer to set. 

5. Yep, it's taste test time!

My ice cream has had time to set… and yep… that is amazing! 

Want to make your own ice cream?

If Rebecca has got you feeling inspired to whip up a treat, you can borrow Elsa here.