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Our favourite borrower stories

Bobbie, May 4, 2023

Our favourite borrower stories

We just love to hear what our Things have been up to when they're not in their lockers. But we're not the only ones, the whole community gets so much joy when people like you take the time to share your borrowing story. By sharing your story, you'll inspire others to give borrowing a try. You might just save an unecessary purchase...or ten! 🙌

No story is ever 'too boring'. Each one is a tiny step towards a healthier planet, by sharing Things instead of buying new ones...which we why you're all borrowing heroes! (and if you do have a cape, we want to see it!). So without further ado, here are some of our favourite stories, and some inspiration to help you share your borrowing story. 👇

Rebecca from Dalston did a wonderful garden transformation using the Heavy Duty Pressure Washer. Before & after pics are always so satisfying to see, don't you agree? Nice one Rebecca! 🙌

We love seeing selefies of you and your Things...just be sure to have power tools unplugged when posing for selfies! 😅 safety first! Jihyoun used the Circular Saw for a DIY weekend.

Ian and Clare borrowed the wallpaper stripper to help them redecorate their home. Thanks to the power of steam (and a little elbow grease) their walls are now a blank canvas, ready for a refresh and for them to make the place their own. "Here’s some pics from our wall stripping fun, useful tip, for stubborn wallpaper sometimes just rubbing away with your hand once the steamer’s been on it is more effective than a scraper. Just give it a little time so you don’t burn your fingers!"...thanks for the tip guys! 🎉

After two years of procrastination, this Crystal Palace borrowed used the Reciprocating Saw to cut up an old water tank that was in the loft - bravo! That must have been satsfying.

This amazing cat jumper was made by the incredibly creative Dani using the Sewing Machine...we loved it so much, that it won Borrower of the Month, getting Dani £20 borrowing credit! 💪

Seriously though, we can't get enough of your pet pics, so please keep them coming!

We just loved hearing what Kate had to say about borrowing the Planer... "I borrowed a planer from Woolwich Library of Things this weekend and now my front door shuts without me body slamming into it! Love the concept of borrowing tools to complete simple DIY jobs and really easy to collect/return" Joyfulness is a big deal at Library of Things, so we always enjoy seeing you having fun with the Things!

The wonderful Leon from Crystal Palace. They used the SDS Drill to put up a curtain rail. As we said, we think every story is exciting, and it's great to get inspiring pictures of borrowers doing the everyday projects as well as the creative ones!

We can all make a difference, even by doing small jobs around the home.

Not everyone feels comfortable in photos, but there are still lots of great photo opportunities without you in it. This photo was of a special family movie night. 💜

Thank you for being part of the movement, reducing waste sent to landfill by choosing to borrow instead of buy. 💪 By taking the time to share your story, you're helping to inspire even more people to borrow! Your story might help save someone money, by borrowing instead of buying. And might encourage them to do a task they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. 💜

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