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Meet the local co-working hub reinvigorating our high streets

Kyra, February 20, 2024

Get the lowdown on our latest partnership with Richmond upon Thames and the innovative community-driven co-working hub Patch.

In today's world, remote work has transformed the way we approach our professional lives, bringing about greater flexibility, hefty travel savings and a newfound love for loungewear. Yet, what if we could amplify those WFH perks while also enriching our local communities and nurturing a healthier work-life balance?

That's precisely the vision behind Patch – a pioneering co-working space that's breathing new life into high streets with its innovative 'work near home' concept.

We're thrilled to welcome Patch into the Library of Things family, thanks to a collaborative effort between the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the Twickenham branch of the co-working hub.

Residents can now sign up here to access affordable rentals from Twickenham Library of Things, located at Patch.

Two borrowers hold up a drill and hedge trimmer in front of the Library of Things kiosk

Why 'near' home matters

The Patch ethos resonates with Library of Things' mission. Both initiatives champion sustainability and help people feel more connected to their community through sharing resources, offering alternatives to wasteful consumption and promoting a sense of interconnectedness within our neighborhoods.

Speaking to Dezeen, Paloma Strelitz, creative director at Patch explains: "We want people to be on their local high streets in the middle of the day, supporting local businesses instead of spending their money in places like Canary Wharf."

"Our aim is to create fantastic neighborhood spaces for work, culture, and community," says Aaron Gough, site director at Patch Twickenham. "Our ground floor in Twickenham is open to everyone, offering a public cafe and bookable event spaces for various local groups."

People gather at a demo in front of new Library of Things lockers at Patch Twickenham

An exciting partnership

Patch isn't just a workspace; it's a vibrant community hub where individuals can gather, collaborate, and support local businesses. "Patch's central, well-connected location and community focus make it the ideal location and a blueprint for many more Libraries of Things!" says Library of Things co-director Alexis Liming.

Library of Things is excited to see how the tools will be used by Patch's creative community and as part of its diverse roster of events and workshops. "Accessibility is at the core of Patch," says Gough, "bringing a Library of Things to Twickenham helps us further provide value to our community. Whether it's exploring a new hobby, getting the garden spring-ready, or just saving some cash, we hope the community can really benefit from access to such a wonderful resource."

The Library of Things lockers will be readily accessible by both Patch members and Richmond upon Thames residents who can now enjoy a wealth of tools and equipment, from drills to carpet cleaners to sewing machines at budget-friendly rates.

Join Twickenham Library of Things today.