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Introducing our Mission Guardians of 2024

Bobbie, May 14, 2024

Since 2014, we’ve been on a mission to make borrowing better than buying for people & planet – more affordable, convenient, socially-rewarding & kinder to the planet.

Library of Things is a mission-locked and ‘steward-owned’ business. This means:  

1. Our directors and impact investors are legally-bound (by our founding documents) to put our mission first in strategic decision-making.  

2. We have ‘Mission Guardians’ who listen to and speak for our key stakeholders – our borrowers, partners, impact investors and the planet – to hold us accountable to our mission and values long-term.

So let's introduce you to our Mission Guardians of 2024:

🌍 Jane ní Dhulchaointigh – Mission Guardian for the Earth

Jane invented and co-founded Sugru, the mouldable glue that inspired a global movement of imaginative repair as an antidote to our throwaway culture. Now she supports other visionary purpose-led founders and teams to move beyond sustainability toward regenerative, life-centred business; as a board member and through strategic and creative projects.

As a Mission Guardian, Jane represents the Earth. She draws on her membership of the Bio-Leadership Project, a global community on a mission to change the story of human progress to one that works with and for nature.

💰 Shakira Boaye – Mission Guardian for Impact Investors

Shakira has been a supporter of and investor in Library of Things since 2021, resonating with its mission to help consumers move towards a more sustainable way of living. Her background is in financial services having spent 10+ years in private equity; most recently as an Investment Director at Bridgepoint Growth.

As a Mission Guardian, Shakira is keen to support LoT in ensuring it’s community-driven approach, which considers the needs of all stakeholders, is retained as the business scales. 

🔨 Edwin Love – Mission Guardian for Borrowers & Community-led sharing libraries

A software developer by trade Edwin is one of the co-founders of Kernow Library of Things in Penryn, Cornwall and lives in South London near to our original branch at Crystal Palace. Edwin will be representing the borrowers and also other libraries of things around the country.

💞 Wiebke Flach – Mission Guardian for Borrowers

Personally, Wiebke strives to be a net positive human – volunteering with the London Doughnut and taking part in grassroots action like Hackney Fixers, time banks and community kitchens. Professionally, she tries to contribute to a Just Transition by helping businesses navigate towards that sweet spot of values-based products and services driven by entrepreneurial oomph. As a Mission Guardian, Wiebke champions affordability and inclusivity of Library of Things for borrowers.

🏛 Laura Humphreys – Mission Guardian for Council Partners

Laura leads on circular economy at Hammersmith & Fulham Council, where she helped launch and promote Hammersmith Library of Things. The 'Things We Use' pillar of H&F's Climate and Ecology Strategy aims to reduce the amount thrown away across the Council and borough by enabling low carbon options and promoting a circular economy. She works to increase sharing, reuse and repair of consumer goods, as well as other projects that make sustainable choices visible and accessible.

Laura is also the Electricals theme lead for the pan-London One World Living programme, which aims to reduce consumption emissions by focusing on food, textiles, electricals and plastics.

🎨 Neil McDonald – Mission Guardian for Community Partners

Neil is an artist, community organiser and Founder Director of Civic State – which manages popular community arts venues like Hackney Wick Underground and The Bath House. Passionate about managing land and buildings as a ‘commons’ where local people are empowered to access affordable space, networks and resources, Neil jumped at the chance for The Bath House to be the host venue for Hackney Wick Library of Things. He chats to lots of borrowers, and uses the Things regularly. He’s now Mission Guardian for Community Partners.

🧱 Emma Shaw, Library of Things Cofounder & Mission Guardian

Emma loves dreaming up business ideas that solve real problems. She co-founded Library of Things with Bex and Soph because it’s a beautifully simple model that could genuinely transform our disposable lifestyles into something altogether more meaningful and sustainable.

As a Mission Guardian, Emma cares that Library of Things holds onto its principles and spirit very tightly as it grows – it’s always been important to her that the way we do business is as important as what we do.

🧱 Sophia Wyatt, Library of Things Cofounder & Mission Guardian

Sophia is a human-centred designer, but she would never have called herself that 10 years ago. Daughter of a hippie (mother) and an economist (father) - what began as an interest in finding more ways for us to collectively create less waste and more circularity, soon became how can we build a solution that spreads like word-of-mouth wildfire, changes behaviour and is regenerative for both people & planet.

Now as a Mission Guardian, Sophia cares that we build an ecosystem around Library of Things that makes the whole movement more resilient.

🧱 Bex Trevalyan, Library of Things Cofounder & Mission Guardian

Bex co-founded Library of Things with Em and Soph back in 2014 because she saw amazing potential in the emerging tool library movement to offer joyful alternatives to wasteful consumerism. As a Mission Guardian, Bex is keen to ensure Library of Things has strong partnerships with local governments and grassroots movements, helping to regenerate local places and spaces. She draws on her background building cross-sector place-based collaborations via Platform Places and Impact Hub.

Thank you & next steps!

We want to thank each and every one for volunteering to share their time and skills with us, to help grow the movement in line with our mission and values.

Mission Guardians and directors gather once a quarter to discuss strategic decisions for the organisation, taking into account perspectives from different stakeholders. We look forward to sharing more about the work of this wise council as we go along.

Got a question or concern to raise with our Mission Guardians? Please email guardians@libraryofthings.co.uk