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5 ways to make your money more sustainable

Bobbie, May 18, 2023

Choosing how you spend or invest your money, sends a powerful message to manufacturers, policy makers and investors. It's one way that as individuals we can come together to make change happen.

How you spend your money matters 💰

It's easy to think that as individuals we can't make a difference, but we'd love to show you that you can. As Anna Lappe said “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  We often think that change happens from the top, but historically, large movements and campaigns for change built on collective action, have proven incredibly powerful in shaping a more just society and economy. 💪

It's not just you that spends your money 💸

1. Banks with values

Did you know that your bank uses your money too? The top 5 banks in the UK invested £334 billion in fossil fuel projects over the last 6 years, if my maths is correct that's £153 million every day! 

But you can get ethical banks such as Triodos - they're a B-Corp that vow's to only lend to organisations that put planet and people before profit. Even their bank card is made of 'natural plastic'. (how beautiful is their award-winning eco HQ!)

2. Pensions building the future

Ironically most pensions are contributing to destroying the future that we're saving for. According to Make My Money Matter, switching to a green pension is one of the most impactful changes we can make in the fight against climate change - 21x more powerful than quitting flying! ✈

Learn more about green pensions

3. A growing network

Have you thought about joining a sustainable mobile network provider? EcoTalk use all profits to buy land that is then re-wilded in collaboration with RSPB. 

Make a difference while chatting to your mates, or browsing the LoT Thing catalogue! 😉

4. The power of your home

Switch your electricity or gas to green tariff. Many companies now offer these, but not all green tariffs are created equal.

Ecotricity is the UK's greenest supplier, plus all of their profits are put straight back into their mission - such as their latest project. They're working on a new technology that makes gas out of grass, instead of extracting it from the earth! 

I recently read a book by Ecotricity's founder Dale Vince, it was so inspiring - I highly recommend it. 

Learn more about green energy companies.

5. Watch a film

WWF have created a short film about sustainable money, I checked it out this week and it was really eye opening as to how much our bank accounts can help or hinder climate change.

It didn't give many actionable steps (unless you work in finance), but I'd say it's definitely worth a watch.

Watch the Too Big To Fail film

As you can see, what we do with our money does make a difference. Whether it's supporting businesses with a mission or choosing companies that you trust to invest your money ethically - you can influence the impact that you want your money to make in the world.