Borrow useful things for your home, projects & adventures

Library of Things is on a mission to make borrowing better than buying. We’ve got a cracking selection of Things for your home, projects and adventures - tried, tested and voted as 70 of the most useful, fun and inspiring Things by Crystal Palace borrowers.


Why you should give borrowing a try


1. It's convenient and saves you money

How often do you really need the cutters to trim the hedge? Our homes are filled with Things we only ever need to use now and then.

Borrowing helps keep the clutter at bay and it saves you money - plus you only pay a fraction of cost, when you actually need to use it.


2. It can unlock thousands of joyful experiences

Remember that fantastic summer party you hosted? The one your friends and neighbours still reminisce about every time they bump into each other - well it all happened under that one gazebo.

Every Thing has the power to unlock a whole host of adventures, parties and joyful experiences - start borrowing to find out what’s awaiting for you.


3. Feel more connected to your community

Imagine if you could take a DIY crash course, or learn how to sew your own clothes - all on your local high street.

We’re on a mission to transform local spaces into hubs filled with exciting new adventures, where neighbours can get together to make, create, invent, and learn new skills.  


Get started

So what are you waiting for? Join your neighbours in Crystal Palace and give borrowing a go. To get started, login into your account and make your first reservation.

The perks of being a member

  • Choose from 70 high-quality Things to borrow, whenever you need them

  • Save money with affordable borrowing prices, per-day

  • Free how-to guides and videos so you feel confident using every Thing

  • Reserve Things online and collect from your local self-service kiosk

  • Find out first about our mending meet-ups and repair parties

How to login

To reserve your first item, you’ll need your username and password to login to your account. Can’t remember the details? Do not fear - we sent you a welcome email with all the details when you first signed up. Just check your inbox.


Discover why your neighbours love borrowing

From nailing that DIY project, to discovering you’re the next Great British Bake Off champ - find out how borrowing unlocked a whole host of new experiences for your neighbours in Crystal Palace.


Abe gave the garden some TLC 

“A garden near me needed some TLC, but my neighbour had injured his back. I borrowed the hedge trimmer and lawn mower for a day – and my nephew and I tidied up his garden in no time.”


Ollie nailed that decking

"The circular saw was an absolute godsend. I was building some decking in the garden and the thought of using a handsaw for the job really wasn’t enticing! The finished result was definitely something to be proud of. "


Geoff got the party started

“I wanted to get my friends together for a New Year’s party, so I borrowed the Party Starter Kit. I had great fun syncing the disco lights with my music and we danced the night away. But syncing the fireworks - now that was more tricky!"


What the papers say

You won’t find many books in this library. Instead it’s full of useful things like DIY equipment, electronics and camping gear - all available to borrow at incredibly low prices.
— BBC London

The carpet is filthy. Your guests are about to arrive. You [can] buy a carpet cleaning machine (around £130 upwards), pay for a professional cleaning company (about £40), or rent a machine from a private hire firm (around £29 for two days).

Or, if you live in West Norwood, just pop down the road and borrow one for £9.
— The Guardian

No more ignoring that wobbly Billy bookcase and mangled light fixture. Reluctant DIY-ers of London: get out there and do your thing. Hire costs start at £1 a day for a hammer.
— Time Out