Library of Things has given me a reason to get up in the mornings. I’ve found something I’m good at, and feel valued for that. I now bump into other volunteers and borrowers I know in the street. And I’ve had the confidence to find a job after three years of unemployment!
— Chris, Volunteer Ambassador

Volunteer Roles

We're looking for enthusiastic and practical people to join our volunteer team – whether that's just for an afternoon or every week.

See which role excites you most, then apply below!

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NEW ROLE! The host: for the Library hub & library of Things

Do you like helping people? Want to get involved in your community?

Role: Upper Norwood Library Hub & Crystal Palace Library of Things are looking for brilliant local people to support the front-of-house team – helping library visitors to borrow Things and connecting them to events & activities happening around the Library Hub & beyond.
Time contribution: At least 4 hours per week, plus the monthly Volunteer Social. 
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Please apply for this role through Upper Norwood Library Hub’s website.



Can you do basic appliance maintenance? Diagnose electrical faults? Roll your sleeves up & pitch in?

Role: Thing Fixers work together to troubleshoot, fix and maintain items in the Library of Things stock base. 
Time contribution: You’ll need to be free between 5-7pm on a Monday evening, plus the monthly Volunteer Social. 
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Do you have skills in DIY, sewing, gardening or upcycling?

Role: Skill Sharers plan and host practical events like 'How to put up a shelf' classes, 'Mending Meet-ups' or 'Spring Planting' workshops.
Time contribution: 5-6 hours per event, flexible to your own schedule. One event or a series – you decide! Plus the monthly Volunteer Social.
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Like spreading the word about the latest thing in town? Got friends & contacts in Crystal Palace?

Role: Tell stories about volunteers, events & volunteers through a blog series, newsletters, videos, podcasts or via social media. OR spread the word the more traditional way – at local events like the Crystal Palace Food Market, by telling your friends or by putting on a fundraising event.
Time contribution: Varies according to role (see 'read more'). Plus the monthly Volunteer Social. 
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What do volunteers get?

  • In some cases a free 'Super-Borrower' membership, offering discounts on Things you want to borrow

  • A network of local volunteers & Library of Things Connectors cheering you on. Get to know them at our monthly Volunteer Social!

  • New skills like DIY, event planning, teaching, specialist repair skills etc.

  • A flexible training programme, where you can learn at your own speed


Want to know more? Send your questions and contact details to Someone from our team will be happy to have a chat with you!

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