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May 2018                             Croydon Advertiser: Library where you can borrow ukuleles and screwdriver opening in Crystal Palace this weekend

December 2017                   Green Biz8 ripple effects of the circular economy in 2017

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August 2017                         The EcologistHow borrowing could become the new buying - and help save the planet

July 2017                              TimeOut London: See what you can borrow at London's 'Library of Things' (video)

April 2017                             The GuardianShipping container architecture - in pictures

January 2017                        World Economic Forum: Can you rent everything you need in life? (video)

September 2016                   Positive News: Lending library offers shopping alternative

August 2016                         BBC London News: Library of Things (video)

August 2016                         The GuardianIs the Library of Things an answer to our peak stuff problem?

December 2015                   Guardian Cities: How do you create a city for all? The answer lies in West Norwood...

September 2015                  Huffington Post: Is borrowing set to be the new buying in the UK?