Ready for an adventure?

Need a tent for your summer camping adventure or music festival? Don’t buy it – borrow it. Library of Things has teamed up with The North Face to add a selection of professional adventuring tents and backpacks to your local library of things. So what are you waiting for? The world is your oyster!

Our mission

Library of Things is on a mission to make borrowing better than buying.

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More affordable & convenient

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More socially rewarding


Kinder to the planet


Geoff volunteered as a Library Host

“I think libraries are fantastic – they open up new possibilities for people – like Library of Things.

It’s a friendly atmosphere and I feel when people come into the library they ask for so many different things, it’s so nice to be able to let them know where the bank is or whatever, just to help and be at the heart of a community.”

Abe spruced the garden & hosted sewing classes

“The garden next door needed some TLC, but my neighbour had injured his back. I borrowed the hedge trimmer and lawn mower for a day – and my nephew and I tidied up his garden.

I’ve also hosted sewing classes at my church. It’s been really wonderful meeting new people.”

OIlie nailed the decking & helped a friend

“I was helping a friend build some decking and I didn’t have £200 to buy a high quality power saw – or £50 to hire it from a traditional hire place. Instead, I paid £7 for a high quality saw for the day – it’s a massively affordable option.”


It’s full of things that are available to borrow at incredibly low prices
— BBC London News