We all have a furniture that could do with a makeover. Either in our homes or sitting unloved on pavements. Borrow Library of Things’ hand sander and tools and give an old chest of drawers a new lease of life.

Set up outside or on a dust sheet.

Take all the drawers out. Use a screwdriver to unscrew all the handles and set them aside with their matching screws.

Use the hand sander to sand down all sides of the chest and the fronts of the drawers with long, even strokes. Follow the grain of the wood if you can. You can use a bit of sandpaper for the ddly bits.

Give everything a quick brush down, and then a coat or two of paint – alternating colours for the drawers if you want a quirky look.

Once it’s completely dry, screw the handles back on with a screwdriver. Not too tight – or it’ll put pressure on the drawer face. Feeling creative? Scavenge quirky handles from markets or roadsides – and screw those in instead.

Find a home for the chest – and invite others to admire your handiwork.

Things you’ll need:

Hand sander* Screwdrivers*
Dust sheet
Piece of furniture Sandpaper
Dustpan & brush Paint/varnish and brush

*available from us! 


Written by Becky Warn, local writer and part of our dream team. You can read more of her stuff on her blog and reach her on twitter.