Hem come apart? Have a go at mending it yourself! Here’s how:

Thread the sewing machine with cotton thread in a matching colour.

Unpick the old hem using small sharp scissors, gently removing all the stitching.

Now pin your hem in place ready for sewing. You’ll still have the old hem creases – pin all the way around to secure the folds.

Start where the side hem of the skirt meets the bottom of the garment. Lift the machine’s presser foot, place the hem underneath and lower to secure. You’ll see where the stitches will go in the eye of the foot. Position it so it’ll catch all three layers of fabric, then sew in a straight
line. Take it slowly and feed the material through from bottom to top i.e. away from
you – the machine will do the rest.

When you’ve stitched all the way around, lift the needle and foot to release the garment, cut the thread and tie it off.

Turn the dress/shirt/skirt/trousers (!) the right way round and admire your work. Go on, give us a twirl!

Things you’ll need:

Sewing machine*
Fabric to be mended
Pins and matching cotton
Small pointed scissors or quick unpick

*available from us! 


Written by Becky Warn, local writer and part of our dream team. You can read more of her stuff on her blog and reach her on twitter.