Bored of the same old smoke and same old views of London? Escape for the weekend and sleep out under the stars.

Look up to find a beautiful campsite. We like Beech Estate Woodland – 600 acres of the green stuff in East Sussex, open April to October.

Once there, find a flat spot sheltered from the wind and get everyone involved in putting up the tent. Lay out your sleeping bags so you can jump straight in later.

Time to explore. Smear mud on your faces like war paint, make dens and give prizes to whoever spots the wildest wildlife.

Cook up a storm on the campstove. Pesto pasta, grilled sausage sarnies – nice and simple.

Get the camp fire going. Dig a hole, surround it with big stones, light dry kindling in the middle, and slowly add larger logs. Toast marshmallows and sing Kum Ba Yah till your heart’s content.

Now all that’s left to do is sit back and watch the night sky. 10 points to whoever spots the Big Dipper.

Things you’ll need:

4- or 6-man tent*
Sleeping mats*
Sleeping bags*
Campstove & pans* Backpacks*
Waterproofs & walking boots Picnic set & rug*

Folding camp chairs* Campfood incl. marshmallows Ukulele*

*available from us! 

Written by Becky Warn, local writer and part of our dream team. You can read more of her stuff on her blog and reach her on twitter.