Read on below for answers to questions about:

  1. reservations

  2. breakages

  3. things at the end of their life

  4. returning outside of opening hours

  5. donations

How does reserving a Thing work?

We want to make reserving at Library of Things as easy as possible.

Here's a little write-up of how it works:

1. You can reserve the Thing(s) you want online by logging into your account online and booking out the dates you'd like to borrow it for. If you can't find availability for the dates you need, pop us an email at

2. You'll need to pay for the Thing(s) upfront, so may need to top up your account, which you can do by card if you haven't done so before. We process all our payments through Stripe, the industry leader for online payments.

3. You will receive a reservation confirmation email once you've reserved the Thing(s) and a reservation reminder the day before your borrow. 

4. If you no longer need the Thing(s), please log into your account to cancel your reservation 24 hours before. This gives the opportunity for someone else to borrow the Thing(s) instead. If the reservation isn't cancelled, there is a grace period as outlined below.

5. Grace period - the Thing is still yours the whole first day you've reserved it, if you don't collect it by 12 on the following day we're open, it can be lent to someone else - and we credit 50% back on your account.

What happens if a Thing breaks or stops working while I'm borrowing it?

Firstly, don't worry! These things happen. 

As with most things in life, honesty is the best policy. Here are the 3 things you need to know:

  1. Flag the breakage as soon as possible. Preferably via email before you return the Thing, with a picture and as much detail as possible. Sometimes we can fix from afar, or organise for a solution quickly. 
  2. If it is repairable to a high standard, we'll ask for a contribution towards it's repair, up to 10% of the cost of repair. 
  3. If it's sadly reached the end of it's life or the cost of repair is higher than the cost of replacement (crazy!), we'll ask for a contribution towards a replacement, up to 15% of the original cost of the item. 

If it's a high value Thing and you're a little worried, take a photo of the Thing at the start of your loan. Like when you hire a car. 

p.s. We're working on an insurance package that will make it easy for us as a community to share the financial cost of repairing and replacing Things.

What happens to the Thing once it's reached the end of it's life?

We have 3 after-life routes for our Things:

  1. Things that are working, but aren't in a borrowable state, are donated either to local charities or individuals. 
  2. Un-fixable Things are recycled at the handily placed next door Recycling Centre.
  3. We're in talks with manufacturers about returning Things for recycling parts.

Can I return a Thing outside opening hours?

Not yet. We are developing a 24/7 drop-off point, but in the meantime a friend can always return it on your behalf.

Does LoT take donations of Things?

We can't take donations on an ad-hoc basis as our storage is limited, but if you spot a Thing on this list that you have brand new to give away, pop us a message. Thanks!

If you have any questions about any of the above, pop us an email at