• Upper Norwood Methodist Church (map)
  • 19-21 Westow Hill
  • London, England, SE19 1TQ
  • United Kingdom

"Be your own Ikea"

Have you ever wanted to construct your own furniture?

Ian Willey is an artist and designer who will show you how, using the open source "grid beam" or "matrix" construction system.

This system empowers anyone to become a designer of all kinds of furniture and "living structures".
Best of all this system is low-cost, uses sustainable materials and you don't need a workshop!

In this *two hour* session, you'll learn:

- How this mode of construction has been used by amazing designers over the last century

- How to use simple carpentry tools

- How to make a "tri-joint", the key to this system's aesthetic and strength

With the gridbeam you can make shelves, units, beds, bike trailers - the possibilities are endless!

We have 4 drills but we need to crowdsource more - plus we've heard from some of you you want to learn how to use a drill you already have / have access to. Let us know when you book your ticket if you have one or two you can bring along! No need to worry if you don't have one - you can still attend the workshop! All materials otherwise provided by us.

*Special offer for event attendees* You can get a 25% discount on borrowing a drill from Crystal Palace Library of Things if you reserve for a future date and/or borrow a drill after attending the event! Speak to Alys on the day for more details.

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