Donate a thing

We're always on the look-out for decent Things to stock our Library and it's wonderful to have them donated - we get so excited that we've had to create some guidelines, but if in doubt please send us a picture and some details to :


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Is it useful? Will it be borrowed? We're open to ideas and recommendations, our main requirement is that it's useful to people and will be borrowed. For guidance, the broad categories that our current stock falls into are DIY, Sports, Travel, Outdoors, Gardening, Crafts, Events, Home Care, Cooking and Baking, and Music. You can also get an idea from looking at our catalogue and our Call for Things campaign.
We need our items to be desirable so that people are going to want to borrow them above buying new. We also sadly need to be extra cautious with electrical items, so do let us know more details if you'd like to donate anything electrical.
Our preference is for the former as it saves us transport costs; in the not-too-distant future we hope to have our own electric milk float, but for now delivering is a nice excuse to meet and show you the space.