Donate now!

We've had hundreds of requests from community groups and individuals around the UK, who want help setting up a Library of Things where they are. We're on a mission to make that happen.

To do that well, we need to:

  • invest in the technology that enables people to reserve and borrow items
  • dedicate time to building stock partnerships so that new Libraries of Things can access high quality stock without paying a fortune
  • develop solutions to nitty gritty problems such as item repair tracking and hard-wearing packaging

Contribute what you can!

Library of Things is a non-profit company limited by guarantee.

Donate Money

Donate items

We are no longer accepting item donations – unless these are directly from a manufacturer or retailer.

This is because the majority of donated items we have received are designed to be used a few times a year – rather than every week.

That's why we're now looking to source high quality or professional grade stock. Drop us a line if you can help with that!