Just one day into our Kickstarter campaign, the Library of Things has raised over 75% of our £12,000 target. 

We're blown away! At this rate we can open a Library of Things on every high street across the UK. That's where we want to get to, but where to begin?

We're starting by building the Library of Things flagship store in our own community in Lambeth, South London. We've already tested the idea here and it really works.

In just 10 Saturdays last year, we brought 1000 people into our trial space at the public library and signed up 100 members . Now we've got just 1 month to raise £12,000 so we can get up and running again. And we're using Kickstarter, an online crowdfunding platform, to do it.

Watching a windfall of pledges coming in is like nothing we've ever felt before

When we hit the 'launch' button on our Kickstarter page yesterday morning, we had no idea what to expect. Would anybody support us? 

We waited with baited breath, and then... the pledges started rolling in! Within just four hours we'd smashed our half-way target and had over £6,000 in the pot. We invited all our members and friends along to celebrate, with a Pot Luck Supper and film-screening in a local cafe. Even BBC Radio 4 came along to see what all the excitement was about.

Then, by the time we climbed into bed last night, our Kickstarter pledges had topped £9,000. Wow. 

But it doesn’t stop there!

Building a network of Library of Things across the UK... and further afield

We're on a mission to bring borrowing shops to the UK. The more we raise through this campaign, the more we can do.

£12,000 will get us up and running in Lambeth for six months. With £20,000 we can make that a year - and serve another 1000 people in Lambeth. We'll be able to run DIY courses for the community, stock premium items like power washers, sewing machines and road bikes, and maybe even find ourselves a second site nearby.

And with even more, we can help open more and more Libraries of Things across the country — like our pals in Frome, Somerset, who set up their SHARE: a Library of Things last month.

This is your opportunity to get behind a campaign that will fundamentally change the way people buy, use and share their things. Now that's not something you want to miss out on.

Support the campaign to get a Library of Things on your local high street

Pledge now, tell your mates - and help us get lending trending. You can follow our crowdfunding campaign @Libraryofthings, #kickstarter, #LoT.

Let's do this!