Remember how we were having a nightmare finding a space for our new home? We were going from one property to the next – either being scared off by the cost or being pipped to the post by other projects. 

Borrowers, we are now in talks with THREE potential spaces in Lambeth. True, nothing is signed and sealed – but we have a good feeling that at least one of these will come through. 

Just like night buses, nothing for hours, and then three in a row. 

We’ll find out the verdict by the end of October – and you lot will be the first to know.

In other news, we've been growing the team. Sophia and Kat have joined us to help out. Sophia is leading on all things technological, and Kat is going to help us get a pricing system right so that we can cover costs of repairing items and keeping the lights on.

And we're now recruiting! Do you know anyone energetic and systematic, who might want to help us bring the first library to life? Read the Library Manager job description here

If you know anyone with a bit of time on their hands who is practical, creative, open and reliable, we're building our army of volunteer Community Builders, Fixers and Event Planners. Read about those here

Just a quick update for now to tell you we love you and haven’t forgotten about you. 

Library loving,

Emma, James and Bex