Library of Things has opened and has a large wish list of items that members want us to stock.

Now as a non-profit start-up, we really can't afford to buy these things. 

Can you help us?

If so, get in touch with one of our Head Librarians:  Sophia (, +44 7834 323 026)

If you're an individual up for donating a Thing, we have some guidelines to doing so here

Top Most Wanted Things


  1. Circular saws

  2. Jig saws

  3. Hand sanders

  4. High quality drills

  5. PAT (electrical) testing kit

  6. Safety glasses

  7. Axe



  1. Digital cameras and accessories

  2. GoPro camera

  3. PA system

  4. Music speakers

  5. Kareoke machine

  6. Fold-up tables and chairs

  7. Kite

  8. Metal detector

  9. Rollerblades and helmets

  10. Bike repair tools and stand

  11. Volleyball + net



  1. Carpet cleaners (high quality)

  2. Pressure washers (high quality)

  3. Power flush

  4. Steam cleaners



  1. Ice-cream maker
  2. Retro popcorn maker
  3. Barbecue (large, easily transportable)
  4. Outdoor table & chairs


  1. Battery-powered strimmer

  2. Rotavator 

  3. Hedge trimmer (cordless)

  4. Lawnmower (cordless)

  5. Garden hand tools



  1. Air mattresses (for camping)

  2. Camp stoves

  3. Satnav

  4. Tents (high quality)

  5. Binoculars

  6. Car tyre pump


Can't donate Things? We buy some of our Things, so all financial contributions go a long way too.


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